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Passing, Left

As an inaugural art event at The Buggy Factory, The Dorado Project is pleased to present Passing, Left , a pop-up group art show which considers the landscape, the humans movement through it’s time-based environs, and the shifting eventualities of terra firma's own aberrant dislocations.

Karen Marston, Massive Waves, 2014 - 2015, oil on linen, 60" x 84"

Karen Marston, Massive Waves, 2014 - 2015, oil on linen, 60" x 84"

Passing, Left

Jennifer Ditacchio, Andrea Sherrill Evans, Kerry Law, MaryKate Maher, Karen Marston, Anna Ortiz, Kathleen Vance


The Buggy Factory  •  14 Kossuth Place, Brooklyn NY 11221

April 17 – April 19th, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, April 17th, 6 – 8pm

On View: Saturday & Sunday, April 18th & 19th, 12 – 6pm

Closing Brunch: Sunday, April 19th, 12 – 3pm.


Taking as its inspiration, the buggy; the original product of the show’s historic, 19th century buggy factory/barn location, this show reflects on the human movement of goods and services across land, and the effect of “progress” on the environment. The title Passing, Left, refers at once to the convention of speeding by other travelers in the “fast lane” of our country’s highways as well as the passing of time and to what our collective advancement and the planet’s development trajectory leaves “left” in its wake.

Boston-based artist Andrea Sherrill Evans shows works concerned with human-sourced designations upon the environment; decisions such as where trail markers are placed and which wood is to be used for firewood or building materials, etc. Evans’ practice re-directs the human gesture and re-purposes it with regard to the environment, overlapping the arbitrary and purpose-filled with the generative and the reconciliatory. Artist Kathleen Vance shows works from her “Traveling Landscapes” series; vignettes of natural landscapes fabricated within aging steamer trunks and valises, which reference the human desire for and timelessness of place. These works encompass notions of “the pastoral”, land rights, belonging and province.  MaryKate Maher, an artist based in Bushwick, pulls information from her immediate surroundings as well as from memory/imagination for works that seem to exist in the intersection between the natural and the man-made. Geode rock shapes balance precariously with steel frames and corrugated planes, combining material components in ways that subvert the proto-typical reads of heavy/light, soft/hard, and constant/ephemeral.

The two-dimensional works within the show seem to connote temporal moments during, just before, or just after some great event. The paintings of Kerry Law are time specific and ever changing in that they are generally executed alla prima; direct observation in one session. In his works we see the familiar subjects of landscape truisms; trees, the ocean, sky, but within these still and frozen instances are records of the ever-changing subtleties of nature. Karen Marston, by contrast, depicts scenes of great upheaval and dramatic change within her “Disasters” series; oceanic swells, forest fires, and tornadoes which foreground the inspiring beauty of nature and impact of the larger movements within its oeuvre. The paintings of Anna Ortiz seem to record the moments just after some great natural or man-made occurrence. Concrete slabs, clumps of tree, brick and wood co-mingle in an eerily still space, equidistant between abstraction and reality, and displaying a quietude that belies the violence that the depicted subjects seem to imply.  Jennifer Ditacchio shows works, inspired by nature, that seem to exist in the space between the observed and the imagined, the fantastical and the real.  Here abstract masses seem to float, evoking clouds or islands with an implication of directional movement; less exterior expedition than internal pilgrimage and resolution.

While the creative movements of these artists remain their own, Passing, Left intends to offer at least one position with regard to their work, an opening into a deeper examination of and appreciation for these artists’ endeavors and the myriad of courses and routes they may take to arrive at their singular destinations.

Passing, Left is the inaugural art event at The Buggy Factory and is proudly presented by The Dorado Project.

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