Frank Zadlo

Brooklyn, New York


In his creative undertaking, Frank Zadlo uses, among other things, the prototypical materials of modern architecture (cement, wood, glass) with aplomb and finesse. He allows his materials to exist freely, and as such, employs a minimalist strategy toward his own arts component modulation. This strategy and temperament is carried over to a series of water-media studies on paper fashioned as a precursor to his larger cement casts. Subtle mineral washes in bisected panels read alternately as stormy skies, cool reductive color explorations, and horizon lines dotted with trees or an advancing adversary. This split read; between minimalist abstraction and landscape painting fits nicely into Zadlo's larger oeuvre of dichotomous visual indicators; heavy / light, found / constructed, fluid / concrete. As "studies", these are whole unto themselves; minimal works that are anything but.

Frank Zadlo received an MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons in 2008. His work has been exhibited at Victori Contemporary Birnam Wood Gallery (New York, NY), Young Projects Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Torrance Shipman Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Parallel Art Space (Ridgewood, NY), and NurtureArt (Brooklyn, NY). The L Magazine, Hyperallergic, Seattle Stranger, and NY Arts Magazine have all covered his works. The artist lives and works in New York City.